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From GREEN BURIAL plots and traditional plots, to columbarium niches, cremation plots, monuments and urns, we're here for you in your time of need.

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Established in 1995, we are the first and only certified GREEN BURIAL cemetery in the Atlantic Provinces. and east of Ontario.

Sunrise Park Interfaith Cemetery is located in Hatchet Lake, 10 minutes from the Armdale Roundabout in Hal;ifax. Situated on a hill surrounded by forest, and just a short stroll to the lake, Sunrise Park’s peaceful and quiet natural setting where birds and small wildlife often visit, is a much-loved peaceful final resting place to visit and pay tribute to those who have passed.

GREEN BURIAL is the act of returning a body as naturally as possible to the earth. A GREEN BURIAL uses less energy and resources, making a lower impact on the earth than a conventional burial or cremation. GREEN BURIALS are also less toxic, reduce rless carbon emissions, and protect workers' health. Certain types of green burials can even restore or preserve habitats.

For people who are mindful of the cyclical nature of life, green burial is a spiritually fulfilling alternative to conventional burial or cremation.

A GREEN BURIAL works like this ...
Everything is "green".
The deceased is buried naturally, wrapped in a shroud, and/or placed in a bio-degradeable wooden, cardboard or wicker casket.
Remaining "green" is key, so there is no embalming, and no plastics or unnatural elements are included with the final remains.
The family can conduct the complete funeral and burial process affordably and by themselves, without the high costs generally associated with traditional burials.
IMPORTANT: Obtain a burial certificate from VITAL STATISTICS which the cemetery requires.
If a FUNERAL HOME is needed, we can direct your inquiry to the best option for you.
For grave-site markers, a variety of NATURAL options are suitable such as dedicated trees, flat rocks, flowers or grass..
A GREEN BURIAL is a sustainable and natuiral alternative to traditional burials which are toxic to the earth by comparison.


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Sunrise Park Inter-Faith Cemetery

2025 Prospect Rd

Hatchet Lake, NS B3T 1R9

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